Monday, March 23, 2009

Brain Dead


I put that weed story aside for a day or two in hopes of brainstorming an idea for the Hideous Evermore anthology (with a deadline in one week's time). I've sat here at this blasted keyboard, staring at this blank screen for the last fours and my grand total written tonight? ZERO. This must be the cosmos balancing itself after my 4k binge yesterday. An idea is slowly forming in my head for a story, but it appears that it needs time to bake some more, so I am off to bed.

Maybe it was a lack of cheese puffs today that did in my muse.

Plus, work has been a nightmare. My aches and pains now have aches and pains. I can't seem to do very much of anything without incurring sore muscles or some other sort of lingering discomfort. Getting older SUCKS.

Did I say UGH?

Still nothing from Devil's Food.


Catherine J Gardner said...

I predict the story for 'Hideous Evermore' will come to you about three hours before the deadline and then you'll write like crazy - or rather, that's what normally happens to me.

Barry Napier said...

I'm still waiting word on Devil's Food, too. Best of luck!

Aaron Polson said...

Damn you, cosmos! I've had the same will come, it will come.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I have stories I want to submit to 'Hideous' but they are tied up in other markets at the moment. Doh!

K.C. Shaw said...

No news is good news! Crossed fingers for the Devil's Food anthology, and of course for the new story too.

Natalie L. Sin said...

Perhaps the muse has moved on to Doritos?