Saturday, December 20, 2008

Sucky Customer Service

So earlier tonight The Other Half and I went out to dinner with her parents. They convinced me to once again try the local Baker's Square restaurant, which I had sworn to never again patronize due to some overwhelmingly sucky customer service last year. I had ordered a side of mayonnaise with my burger that did not arrive with the burger. When I asked for it again, rather than get it, the waitress spent ten minutes talking with some other guests she knew. I couldn't eat my burger without the mayo and the food was rapidly cooling while my temper was rapidly heating up. When she finally noticed me fuming at my table, she had a different server bring me the mayo. Needless to say, she got no tip and until today, I did not set foot in there again.

Well, after tonight, not only will it be a cold day in hell before I go back, but even The Other Half has sworn to boycott the place. Tonight we go in, but it was just the two of us at first. Her parents were running a little late and we told the waiter this when we got our table. As we were waiting for her parents, another couple took the big corner booth behind us and informed the waiter that they also were expecting others to join them - four more, to be exact. Soon, The Other Half's parents arrive and sit with us. The waiter ignores us. He walks past a time or two but says nothing. Then the four additional people arrive at the other table. The waiter heads over and takes their drink orders as they sit down. I figure that he'll get our food order as soon as he gets their drink order. WRONG. He rushes off to the kitchen and returns a moment later with their drinks. OK, now I figure he'll get our food order after he's given them their drinks. WRONG. Now he asks them if they are ready and starts taking their food order. What the fuck?! The rest of their group arrives well after us, yet he ignores us in favor of them? Oh, hell no. We all got up at that point and left. I walked straight out, but The Other Half made sure to inform the manager of the crappy service. In the end, we ate at Denny's. I don't think we'll be going back to Baker's Square again...ever. The whole story may sound a little petty, but I was already biased against the place and after all day in class, both The Other Half and her dad (her dad teaches the class) were exhausted and in no mood for morons.

Well, now that I have vented, today was the day, as mentioned above, The Other Half spends in class, so I was alone all day. This gave me the chance to write, though I got so absorbed in it (and my midday nap) that I forgot to do my chores. Was I in big trouble when she got home! I did manage to get "The Faceless Ones" up to 1,750 words. It's coming along nicely. Tomorrow is another class day, so I'll be home alone (well, with two great dogs) again and will work on it some more, though I really do need to get those chores done this time.

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