Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Say Goodnight Jameson

So today was another one of those [sarcasm] wonderful [/sarcasm] 11+ hour work days. I am pooped. I'm sitting here working on The Faceless Ones and realizing that the same problem from the other night is afflicting me: Exhaustion Induced Restricted Vocabulary Syndrome. Sure, I can write the story, but I'm doing so with all the style, grace and finesse of Godzilla storming Tokyo Bay. I just can't think of any decent way to phrase things other than the most blunt, basic way of doing so. So it looks like it's another night this story will be stewing internally while I get much needed rest. I really do want to finish it, but then again, I don't want it to totally suck. Perhaps tomorrow or some time over the long holiday weekend I can find both the time and the clarity of mind to complete this thing.

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Jamie Eyberg said...

I am amazed how much a good nights sleep helps me some nights. Then again, in an insomnia induced coma I have come up with some pretty cool ideas. I have also learned to love my coffee pot.