Tuesday, December 16, 2008


OK, so it doesn't get nearly as cold in these parts as it does in many other places around the country, but today I felt like I was becoming some sort of strange Human/Popsicle hybrid. For this area, it was COLD. On that note, I'd like to take this time to send a brief message to my in-laws: you people have no business whatsoever owning a dog. Are you really that stupid, that you believe keeping the dog outside all night long in freezing weather is a good thing? To imagine that that poor little doggie has to rely on you losers for its well being just makes my blood boil.

Tonight I'm working on a story called "The Madness in their Eyes." I have a market in mind for it, but the final product was about 250 words beyond their limit. An editorial pass last night trimmed that down to a mere 90 words over the limit. Most of that was achieved by tightening things up here and there and losing superfluous text. Now I'm gonna have to get brutal and start chopping out stuff in order to meet that limit.

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