Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Off and Away

I got "The Madness in Their Eyes" trimmed down and sent off to my market of choice. That makes a total of five stories I currently have out submitted to various places. All I can do now is wait...and get started on my next piece. I actually hauled out something I wrote earlier this year that I titled "Download" and tried working on it. I really like the central idea behind it, but I just cannot make the story work due to technological issues. Try as I might, current computer tech prohibits the ideas I have from working. Oh, well. I think I need to tackle it from a different angle. Alas, it will have to wait until tomorrow as it is after 11:00 PM and I am zonked. I'm off to go take the PK (puppy kids) twins outside so they can pee, then it's bedtime for yours truly.

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