Friday, December 19, 2008

It's How Late?

Wow, it's after 11:00 PM on a Friday night and I am still awake! It seems I usually pass out around 8:30 on this day of the week. Kind of a bummer, since I often end up missing Stargate Atlantis. Here I am up this late and the show wasn't a new one this week. Grrr.

I worked on "The Faceless Ones" some, but I won't really be able to commit my full mental faculties (what little is left, that is) until tomorrow when The Other Half is in class. Right now my mind is mushy from an eleven hour work day. I can easily type out words that make sense and convey the ideas I have for the story, but they just seem so...rough. It's as if my mind, being so tired, has shut down parts of itself, most notably the parts where extended vocabulary is stored. Right now it seems I can only access the most basic of words. Maybe tomorrow after some rest, things will be a little easier.

I also noticed that the TOC for the Dark Jesters anthology was announced a few days ago. Alas, my name is not there. I had high hopes for the story I submitted, "Pruritus Maximus," and I think they even liked it to an extent, but it was a no go. So that story is now in someone else's inbox, awaiting consideration.

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