Friday, January 2, 2009

Rejection: 3, Acceptance: 1

So today when I got home there was a rejection waiting for me in the inbox from Ed at Strange Publications. I had submitted A Cause for Celebration (my zombie story without any actual zombies in it) to Sand: A Journal of Strange Tales. He passed on the story but did offer some positive feedback, saying he enjoyed the ending. The story was in limbo for about three minutes, then I submitted it to another market. Afterwards I went downstairs to watch TV with The Other Half, who is slowly recovering from her flu. I fell asleep on the couch and when I awoke, I came back up to the office to check emails. What should I find (besides a messy room)? An acceptance from Dustin at Micro 100 for my micro fiction piece Order Up that will appear in the second issue come February. So the day wasn't a total gloomfest. Since I submitted three micros and he only accepted one, I suppose that means I have three rejections for the day and only one acceptance.

I'm trying very hard to stay away from that first draft of The Transcendental Man (I'm still not sure about keeping that title). I'm itching to work on it, but have forced myself to only jot down any notes that occurred to me today. I want to approach it again after my giddy enthusiasm for it has died down and I can be (somewhat) more objective.


Catherine J Gardner said...

Those are good odds. For 2009, I currently stand at Rejection: 2, Acceptance: 0.


Josh Reynolds said...

I agree. Good odds. Personally, I stand at Rejection: 0 Acceptance: 0 and Submitted: 12 which is just freakin' frustrating.

Jamie Eyberg said...

I haven't heard from any editor this year so you are ahead of me so far and 13 submissions out.