Monday, January 5, 2009

I've Been Tagged

Catherine J. Gardner tagged me along with six other So here goes.

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1. I drive a tanker truck very much like this one for a living. Yes, it is in essence a big bomb on wheels. I've been driving truck for twelve years now, but don't exactly conform to the stereotype of a trucker (I took my stuffed bunny with me when I drove long haul).

2. I come from a "Yours, Mine and Ours" type family, only with a lot less children. Mom had two kids from her first marriage. Same with Dad. They got hitched and four years later, I came along. The funny part? The real life Doctor who delivered the "ours" baby in the real life "Yours, Mine and Ours" story (yes, that was a true story) also delivered me.

3. As noted above, I am the youngest of five children. What I didn't mention was that I am the only male child. Yes, I had four older sisters and was the baby brother that was the ideal test subject for such things as lipstick, nail polish and other cosmetic horrors. Therapy can do wonders. Thankfully, since I was so completely unexpected, all my sisters were quite a bit older than me and by the time I was five, they had left home, allowing me to grow up alone.

4. I will never have to worry about going bald, however, I began going gray when I was around nineteen. Twenty years later, that gray hair to black hair ratio is now about 1:5 and getting worse. By fifty, I should look like a Drow.

5. I love genre entertainment in any and every form: Books, movies, TV, games, etc. If it has monsters, ghosts, aliens, robots, space ships, dragons, wizards and all that kind of stuff, I just adore it. Doesn't matter what year it's from, what country it's from or how cheaply it was made, I love it all. Thus the reason why close friends and family have to pick their jaws up off the ground when I tell them how much I love Jane Austen.

6. I have a rather large collection of stuffed animals, mostly bears. People always assume they belong to my wife, but no, they are mine!

7. I really love animals. Except sharks. Of course that stems from a scary encounter I had with one back in my surfer days. If I was rich, I'd donate as much as a could to animal charities. I've owned numerous cats and dogs over the years, and while I have nothing against our feline friends, dogs just flat out rule.

Since this tagging thing has transpired while I was at work today, and since I live on the West coast and am the last to hear about anything, I am left with very few choices for further tagging. So I have decided tag you and you and you. Yes, you. And you two over there, stop doing that in public and consider yourselves tagged. Plus you and you. Go. Now.


K.C. Shaw said...

Cool, that was very interesting! I am charmed at the thought of your stuffed animal collection. I still have a stuffed animal cat I got when I was four, as well as a bunch of others that are much newer. The monkey who screams when you touch him is my favorite.

Catherine J Gardner said...

My nan went completely white in her mid twenties - scary thing to know when you're growing up; but so far my hair has made it to 40 intact.

I adore Jane Austen. Pride & Prejudice is my favourite, with Persuasion a close second.

Aaron Polson said...

Stuffed bunny? You need all the help you can get riding shotgun in that truck, huh?