Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back In The Saddle

Worked on Deadliest Cachalot some more tonight. I'm going slower with it this time around than the first version. Then I was in a hurry to get all my thoughts down before they vanished from my head. Now, knowing exactly where the story is going and what needs to be done, I'm taking my time with it. The first version ended up around 5,000 words. Tonight was my third night on this version and I've barely scratched 1,200. The story is remaining the same, but I've changed a few things this time. Stuff like names, certain bits of conversation and what not. One thing I was not happy with in the initial version was the name of the catamaran used to ferry passengers on a whale-watching tour. Does anyone have any suggestions for a boat name? My brain is fried and that is a sure sign that it is bedtime (either that or time to run for public office, but I'm going with sleep this time around), so I'm off to snoozeland.

PS. It feels good to be writing again. I was afraid the two weeks without a computer and the subsequent bad news would quell my enthusiasm, but I still feel the need to write.


Jamie Eyberg said...

I have never attempted to name a boat so I have no clue (what was the name of the boat in Melville's little whale adventure. It would be obscure enough but still ground it in its literary past)

I am glad the writing bug is still infecting you. It is a hard one to shake.

Aaron Polson said...

"but I still feel the need to write"

That's when you know you are a writer, in my humble opinion.