Thursday, January 22, 2009

New Computer

Well, two weeks after the last one went kaput, I finally have my new computer up and running. Now I don't have to try and use The Other Half's system. The data on the old hard drive is still in limbo. The logic board for the drive was shot, so I bought an identical drive off eBay for 30 bucks and the tech guy is going to swap the new one for the old one. Hopefully that will allow the old drive to post and I can get all my stuff. If it's all lost for good, then I can get on with life with this new machine. I'll have to re-create some of my old files, though I doubt I'd try and re-write any of the stories with the exception of The Transcendental Man, though I'd probably wait awhile to do that.

One of the things I fear losing is a list I've kept of every scifi, fantasy and horror book I have read since 1984. The list is just a wee bit shy of 1000 entries and though I could compile all the titles again, I could never hope to list them in order like they were the first time. As goofy as that sounds, the idea bums me out. I can look at that list and recall certain periods of my life when reviewing what I read in years past. Speaking of books, so far this year I've completed three, listed to the right.

No new rejections or acceptances, so the count for 2009 is Rejections: 4, Acceptances: 2


Jamie Eyberg said...

congrats on the new computer and welcome back. Hopefully you can pull the info you need from your last machine. I am optimistic.

K.C. Shaw said...

I'm glad you got your new computer! I hope everything works out with your stuff from the other one. I'm a big list-keeper myself, so I know how you feel about the books read list. I used to keep a list of favorite songs, updated every month, although I pitched it once I got a CD burner and was able to download everything I wanted. :)

Aaron Polson said...

Welcome back. I totally understand how you feel about the book list. I'm a virtual pack rat myself.