Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Private Practice

So I actually started writing again tonight. Not on any specific project, but just as an exercise. I picked a scene out of thin air: two people in a fantasy world returning to town after something major has happened. What had happened? I had no idea, but the pair - a young man and woman - began talking of the future. In the course of this conversation, I learned that a killer had recently arrived in the vicinity had begun terrorizing the locals. The young man - Kell - pushed this wacko off a cliff after a desperate confrontation that ultimately saved more lives than just his own. He's now planning on getting back to life as he knows it,working at an inn, but his female companion is pointing out that people like the deceased killer don't come poking around small communities and asking the unusual  questions he did without someone having sent him. Indeed, going back to life as it had been may not be possible. Someone may come looking for the missing killer and have issue with the youth responsible for disposing of him.

So what happens next? I sure as hell don't know. I just started writing and let the flow take me. Tomorrow I may pick that scene back up or begin an entirely new one. The point is for me to write and get accustomed to doing it again everyday. I'm still turning over numerous ideas in my head for stories, but until one really gels just right, I'll mostly be writing for practice.

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Peggy Eddleman said...

That's such a fabulous and fun way to start writing again! I hope you have a blast finding out what happens next.