Monday, May 4, 2009

A Whale Of A Tale

So Deadliest Cachalot came back today, rejected for the second time since being cut from the running for the Dead Bait antho. That's three rejections for this tale in less than two weeks. Ouch! It stings a little, since I am rather partial to this tale and the work that went into writing it...twice no less. I begin to wonder if the story just isn't crap, but then figure it wouldn't have made the Dead Bait shortlist of it was total shit. Still, there may be room for improvement. I think I'm going to let it sit for a bit and reevaluate it later. I'd rather not send it out again at this time because my mind imagines all these fish stories bouncing around out there right now after getting cut from Dead Bait like me.

The other problem I have with the story is its length. At 8,000 words it is more a novelette than short story. Finding a home for it may not be all that easy. However, I can't envision trimming it down, as I had to fight to keep it under 8k in the first place. In fact, I felt the ending got rushed a bit because I needed to wrap things up before I passed the DB word limit. Maybe I will go back and flesh things out some more. Who knows.

Anyway, the reason I've babbled on about this is because I'd like some fresh perspectives on the story and wonder if anyone is interested in being a beta reader. Is one still considered a beta reader if the story had been subbed three times?

Micro 004/100
"Tomb Raiders" - 100 words

Davis pushes the sarcophagus lid aside, revealing the lone occupant. “Read the passage,” he says.

Miles opens the ancient tome and in the lost tongue of kings, recites the resurrection invocation. With a dry snap, the withered mummy climbs from its resting place.

“It worked!” Davis cries, as the mummy lurches forward. “Read the next part.”

Miles consults the book then says, “Go, great prince and retrieve the treasure that rightfully belongs to you.”

“Be ready to follow him,” Davis says.

The mummy suddenly springs forwards, grabs the book from Miles and in the lost tongue of kings, says, “Mine.”


Natalie L. Sin said...

Have you looked into "Bucket 'o' Guts" for your story?

They take longer works/novelletes : )

Jameson T. Caine said...

They were the second ones to reject it, though they did say that they enjoyed it. It just wasn't what they were looking for.

Benjamin Solah said...

I'm in a similar situation. I've got a 5,000 word short and only just started looking for a market for it again. There's more markets for me, but it's still a stretch.

Catherine J Gardner said...

I was going to suggest Bucket too... Ihope you find somewhere soon.

Horror Girl said...

the title of ur story made me smile. i'm sure a story with a name like that will find a home.

Barry Napier said...

I'll take a look at it if you'll take a look at mine! (sounds very odd, yes, but you know what I mean).

Jamie Eyberg said...

Send it my way I'll be happy to have a go at it. (Yes, it is still beta reading. As long as it hasn't been accepted)

BT said...

You can send it my way if you like. btomlinson01 [at] optusnet [dot] com [dot] au.

We really need our own area where this group of writers can get together rather than the occasional beta request.

Maybe a group webmail account? Does nayone know about setting up forums or perhaps a wiki?