Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Devil's Food TOC

So the full TOC has been out for about two weeks now, I'm just slow in getting around the vast interweb thingie. Anyway, here it is:

The Mattawan Meat Wagon-- Tim Curran
They Drink Us In Our Sleep-- Elizabeth Twist
Monsters In the Basement-- John A. Miller
Grimm and Grimmer-- Mark Onspaugh
The Children-- Dave Dunwoody
Dear Mrs. Andrews: We Regret to Inform You-- JH Hobson
C-C-Cold-- Ken Goldman
Gretel-- Camille Alexa
Micheal Ballantine Remembers His Name-- EL Pallai
The Faceless Ones-- Jameson T. Caine
Starvelings-- S.D. Hintz
Harvest Time-- Lyn McConchie
Blood Dryad-- Bret Jordan
Spider and I-- Aaron Polson
Hunger Pains-- Myrrym Davies
The Golden Boy-- Michelle Howarth
It Had Teeth-- Gregory L. Hall
Hunger in Tsuen Wan-- Natalie L. Sin



Aaron Polson said...

Proud to share a TOC!

K.C. Shaw said...

Wow, I know (at least slightly) five people in that TOC! I must have good taste. :) Congrats again!

Natalie L. Sin said...


Jamie Eyberg said...

Very cool ToC. Congratulations to all who made it.

Danielle Ferries said...

Woot indeed!

BT said...

I'm with KC, it's nice to see a TOC with familiar names starting to pop up.

As the current editor in chief, Aaron, you may have to look into producing an anthology of the up coming stars this little group is made of.

I'm a little bummed at having missed out on this one, but stoked so many people I know have.

Congrats to all.