Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Night Fright

Holy Crap, a new post! I know that no one is reading this blog anymore, but I'm gonna try and post more regularly and drum up some traffic. Anyway, there is a new review over at The Graveyard for 1967's Night Fright, a low budget (low, low, low budget) monster flick with a gorilla suit as the monster, far too much day-for-night photography and the late, great John Agar as a small town sheriff. Check it out!

Full Review Here.

 Now, where have I been? Short answer: overloaded at work and distracted with other things. Hopefully I can get back to writing and blogging and yammering on and on about movies, books, wargaming and such things.

Until next time, later dudes.


Aaron Polson said...

Nice to have you "back".

Now get to work.

Azathoth said...

I drop by about once a week to see if you have posted anything new. You are one of my favorite reviewers.

Alan W. Davidson said...

Sure, I'm always on the lookout for your posts. I stalk your blog daily and am parked right out front of your place...sorry, did I SAY that? I only meant to think it. Yeah...and it took me two months to comment on that fact you're back.

Nice to see that you're still around, dude.

Mercedes said...

I'm riding shotgun with Alan W. Davidson when he's parked out front. I make sure we have freshly baked cookies.

Good to "see" you!

Alexander Poberezhny said...

Come back again! Your reviews are simply the best!

Jimmy the Hyena said...

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